12th February Webinar with Kount: Boost Sales, Beat Fraud And Reduce Charge Backs


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Date: Tuesday 12th Feburary 2013

Time: 4:00pm – 5:00pm (GMT)

Title: Boost Sales, Beat Fraud And Reduce Charge Backs

Everyone knows fraud hurts online businesses, but stopping fraud can also hurt online businesses by turning away good sales with fraud tools that are too stringent and rules that reduce sales conversion.

The rise of card-not-present ecommerce transactions has created a new, sophisticated level of international criminals looking to steal from online companies. Retailers feel forced to impose hard-and-fast rules on which transactions to accept, and from where to accept them.

This blanket approach stops many fraudulent transactions, but it also blocks many legitimate, honest consumers, hurting sales and damaging your brand.

This webinar reviews best practices for:

  • Increasing Sales Through Better Fraud Detection
  • Decreasing Fraud Losses While Maximizing Sales
  • Reducing Charge Backs Without Reducing Sales
  • Minimising the Need for Manual Reviews
  • Why Too Many Rules Can Be Hurting Sales

CDBaby Case Study

A case study reviewing how CDBaby, the largest online retailer of independent music on the web is presented. It shows how the online retailer implemented a complete fraud protection platform and saw sales increase by nearly 5% within 60 days, reduce charge backs and fraud losses by more than 90% and expanded to new markets, without increasing the risk of fraud.


Don Bush, VP, Marketing, Kount [IRDX VKNT]

In his role as Marketing VP, Don works with merchants, industry analysts, consultants, law enforcement and trade associations to determine best practices, trends in the market place and the latest threats to ecommerce businesses. Don has been a regular speaker on fraud topics at several industry events in the U.S. and Europe including:  Merchant Risk Council, CardNotPresent.com, Shop.org, MasterCard Academy of Risk, eTail and Internet Retailing conferences.

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Kount helps online businesses boost sales by reducing fraud and allowing them to accept more orders. (more…)