18th April Webinar with Autonomy: Marketing Optimisation for Online Retailers




Date: Thursday 18th April 2013

Time: 11:00 – 12:00 (BST)

Title: Marketing Optimisation for Online Retailers

Marketing optimisation is a proven tool in the online retailer’s arsenal for attracting, converting and retaining customers, as well as driving incremental revenue, improving cross-sell and upsell rates, and increasing customer satisfaction. Beyond delivering against key KPIs, optimisation produces a personalised customer experience which differentiates the retailer from competitors – a critical outcome in a highly commoditised market.

This ability to manage information is the new source of competitive advantage, as it drives this ability to differentiate; the right technology enables retailers to meet the challenges of scale and complexity that today’s customer data presents and deliver the refined, personalised customer experience that their customers demand.

Join Will Cook, VP of Multichannel at HP Autonomy [IRDX RHPL], and Andrew Mackie eCommerce Manager at BGL Group to learn how leading businesses have leveraged HP Autonomy’s unique technology to optimise their customer experience.


Will Cook, VP Multichannel Marketing, HP Autonomy





Will is responsible for providing expertise in multichannel customer engagement. Will works with leading companies to help them better understand customer interactions across multiple channels, and, by applying Autonomy technology to their customer data, derive actionable insights that deliver measurable ROI.

Prior to Autonomy, Will worked for Amazon’s Merchant Services division. Will led a team driving recruitment of key retailers to Amazon’s 3rd party retail channel (“Amazon Marketplace”), adoption of Amazon’s outsourced logistics services, and launched Amazon Webstore, Amazon’s SaaS-based, white-label eCommerce platform.

Prior to Amazon, Will worked for leading financial data company Hemscott (since acquired by Morningstar), providing expertise in creating bespoke corporate and investor relations websites that enable publicly listed companies to communicate effectively to their diverse stakeholder groups.

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