Online sales already well underway, a week before Christmas

Traditional post-Christmas sales are already underway at a number of retailers, with still more preparing for early starts to clearance. That could benefit the 46% of men who, says website, have yet do their Christmas shopping.

The traditional January sale has in recent years given way to a straight-after-Christmas sale, while last year some sales started in the last days before Christmas. But this year, sales are already in full flow a week before Christmas Day. Retailers from Boden and Gap to Clarks are currently offering up to 50% off.

While John Lewis is sticking to its December 24 online start for Clearance, Amazon has brought its Boxing Day Deals back to December 25.

Experian Hitwise’s marketing team suggested in a tweet that searches for sales started on December 15 – and indeed sales emails are now hitting inboxes in earnest today.

Those who have held out for last minute bargains will see their forbearance rewarded. According to beauty and perfume retailer [IRDX RESC], that includes the 12.75m British men – 46% – who said they left their Christmas shopping until the week before. Some 9.56% said they would leave their purchasing until Christmas Eve. That compares with 24% of women who leave it till the week before and 4.2% who leave it till Christmas Eve. chief executive Rakesh Aggarwal said: “Men are much more prone to panic buy at the last minute, and many department stores train their staff to spot desperate looking men in the last few days before Christmas and sell them expensive unwanted gifts.
“These last minute men are a shop floor sales person’s dream – men who are cash rich and time poor, and who can easily be coerced into making what’s known as a distress purchase – which is when all rationality goes out of the window.”
However 39.7% of shoppers have bought more than half their presents online this year, he said, and online shopping had also prevented last-minute panics.
“Most men can’t be bothered to find time during the working week to shop,” said Aggarwal, “and don’t enjoy doing it at the weekend either. They are more inclined to go on the internet after work, and we’ve seen
our peak sales times for men is around 7-8pm during the week.” is confirming Christmas Eve delivery for orders before 1pm on Sunday December 23.

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IRDX: RESC is an online cosmetics retailer. As of 2014 it sells 7,000 products through its store. Escentual offers 2 day tracked delivery as standard. (more…)

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