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China set to overtake US to become global ecommerce leader in 2013: infographic

ShanghaiChinese consumers are set to spend £175bn shopping online in 2013, in a year that’s expected to see the Chinese ecommerce market overtake the US to become global leader., the Chinese marketplace, has brought together the figures in a new infographic. It shows that in 2012, the US was the biggest market with consumers spending $209bn (£138bn) online, followed by China at $194bn (£128bn). UK consumers spent $113bn (£75bn). But it highlights predictions that that’s set to change in 2013, with Chinese consumers spending $265bn (£175bn), US consumers $230bn (£152bn) and UK consumers $123.4bn (£81bn).

By 2015 it’s predicted that Chinese consumers will spend $445bn (£293bn) online, compared with $270bn (£178bn) spent in the US that year and $143.6bn (£95bn) in the UK.

The infographic points to figures that show more than 242m Chinese people shop using the internet – six times as many as in the UK – and that the country’s online shoppers spent an average of £703 a year in 2012, compared with the £1,083 spent in the UK.

China promises “huge opportunities” for UK businesses, says A spokesman said: “It’s well known that the spending power of China’s rising middle-class is changing the global retail landscape. Less understood is the enthusiasm Chinese consumers have for shopping on the internet.”

These figures and more are contained in the infographic from which highlights how and why people shop online in China. You can see it by clicking here.

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  2. Great post. The rate of Chinese e-commerce growth by 2015 really pushes home how necessary localization is for all companies with a global strategy. At this point it just seems irresponsible from a brand management standpoint for business not to have a professional website translation so that their brand shines equally well in all corners of the globe.

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