More than 60% of Domino’s UK pizza deliveries ordered online

Domino's DeliveryDomino’s Pizza today said that more than 60% of its UK deliveries were ordered online this spring.

Customers turned to ecommerce to order 63.3% of the pizzas delivered by Domino’s Pizza in the UK in the first half of its financial year, resulting in what the company called an “outstanding performance” for the sales channel.

The update came as Domino’s Pizza [IRDX RDOM] UK and Ireland reported UK sales had risen to £147.6m in the 13 weeks to June 30, up by 11.7% on the same time last year. Like-for-like sales, which strip out the effect of store openings and closures, rose by 6.1% in the quarter and 6.4% in the first half.

The company said today in a second quarter pre-close update that it expected the figure to continue to rise as in-house web and digital marketing are further developed, and as it launches the latest version of its website in the second half of the year.

“These actions,” it said, “will result in even better communication with our customer, an ever easier customer journey through the ordering process and greater efficiency at the back end of the online and apps ordering system.”

Domino’s continues to open new UK stores, with 15 opened during the first half.

In the Republic of Ireland, sales rose by 5.1% to €12.2m, with like-for-like sales up by 4.9% in the first quarter and 6.5% in the first half. In Germany, sales rose by 23.8% in the first half, and in Switzerland by 7.8%.

Chief executive Lance Batchelor said: “I am very pleased with the overall results for the first half, particularly with regards to the UK and Ireland like-for-like sales. Our system leads the leisure sector and, with the majority of our business coming via web and mobile platforms, we are now truly an online retailer.”

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