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Rakuten to use across its ecommerce marketplace

Rakuten is to use technology on its ecommerce marketplace Rakuten Ichiba ??.

The solution will initially be tested on 8,000 products on Stylife, the brand ecommerce site on Rakuten Ichiba – the Japanese marketplace site that is the third biggest in the world – where shoppers will be shown clothing recommendations based on their individual measurements. It will later be used across the site. Once customers have added their measurements, robotics-based technology enables them to see how individual items of clothing will look on them.

The move follows Rakuten’s acquisition of last year. chief executive Stuart Simms said: “This marks a major step forward for and further highlights the value Rakuten sees in the data and technology we are able to provide to retailers.

“Improving the customer experience is a concern for all retail brands at the moment, but in the apparel space it is crucial to supporting growth and driving loyalty. This announcement will therefore see thousands of Rakuten customers benefit from an improved and more personalised shopping experience.”

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