IRX 2017 The Final Mile conference

Retail logistics professionals from brands as diverse as Harrods and Sainsbury’s will be sharing insights and experiences in the Final Mile conference at this year’s InternetRetailing Expo (IRX 2017) and eDelivery Expo (EDX 2017).

Speakers taking part in the conference, which runs on April 5 in theatre 4 at the event, will be looking at the role of the supply chain and of final-mile delivery in meeting the promises that ecommerce and multichannel retailers make to their customers.

Simon Finch, distribution director at Harrods [IRDX RHAR], is the opening speaker in the conference. His keynote presentation, Behind the slogan: hard lessons from the front line of supply chain transformation, is at 9am. He’ll be asking, and answering, questions such as how the customer-facing supply chain is benefiting customers and retailers, and how logistical challenges can become commercial opportunities.

Nick Fox, chief operating officer of US smartphone retailer, then follows with a look at international delivery. He’ll be looking at how retailers can best adapt to meet new customer demands both at home and in overseas markets. His presentation, International fulfillment and delivery, is at 10.30am, and is followed, at 11.05am, with a case study from conference sponsor Correos.

Philip Cane, delivery options manager at Sainsbury’s [IRDX RSBR], is the first speaker after lunch, and will be sharing the supermarket’s experiences of managing a home delivery fleet of around 2,250 vans and 6,500 drivers in order to ensure a good customer experience while ensuring staff safety. Fleet management to optimise home delivery and customer satisfaction is at 2pm.

Craig Wheeler, operations director at [IRDX RFUQ], is one of the speakers in a panel discussion around last-mile delivery, its opportunities and challenges. Final mile: same-day, next-day, nominated day and time slots, speed flexibility and price – do you know what your customers really want? is at 3pm.

The closing keynote speaker will look to the future and assess future changes. Delivery disrupted: what’s on the horizon, is at 3.35pm.

To learn more about the InternetRetailing and eDelivery Expo and to register for free, visit and

Attendees can also get a 25% discount on their train fare to the NEC when they book through the IRX or EDX Visitor Info website.

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