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Spreadshirt sets its sights on the US as it aims to become a billion dollar business

Spreadshirt [IRDX RSRD] says it is moving beyond Europe to focus on the US market in its ambition to become a billion dollar business.

The print-on-demand T-shirt platform says it believes international growth will be harder in coming years, thanks to Brexit and the rise of protectionism.

Philip Rooke, chief executive of Spreadshirt (pictured), said: “We have been market leaders in Europe for many years and are expanding our role in the global market. Now we are setting out to become a billion dollar business. Our first step toward this is to challenge our competitors in the USA, like Redbubble, CustomInk and Teespring.

“Brexit and the trend towards protectionism are going to make international growth harder in the coming years. That’s why we want to focus on our global partner offering and on scale in the US market. It’s comparable in size to the EU market, providing a powerful incentive for those who get it right. And size matters in the highly competitive ecommerce market.”

The German-based company believes that by targeting the US and consolidating its UK and Europe business, it will be able to fulfil its vision of becoming a billion dollar business.

Spreadshirt has been in ecommerce for more than 15 years and says its ability to combine different business models from one platform that underpins marketplaces, white-label shops and a create-your-own tool will help it to grow in the future.

It also points to new selling tools, its ethically-produced Spreadshirt Collection and what it says is a market-leading commission structure and pricing, that it says will help it towards its ambition of expansion.

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  2. Jasmine said:

    Good news for Spreadsheet! Ecommerce businesses are the future, and Spreadsheet did a really great job for these 15 years. The most important things about online selling are fulfillment services, in my opinion. So ecommerce companies should be more focused on that part.

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