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John Lewis uses new technology to create a direct supply channel

John Lewis is adopting new technology to manage its supply chain for omnichannel retailing.

The retailer, an Elite trader in IRUK Top500 research, is to develop a direct supplier channel built on Virtualstock’s The Edge Platform. The system will connect suppliers directly with central John Lewis systems, enabling real-time inventory updates.

Edward Osborne, head of direct to customer operations at John Lewis [IRDX RJLW], said: “The partnership is excited to be working with Virtualstock in building functionality to continue moving forward as Britain’s leading omnichannel retailer.”

Andrew Mills, chief executive of Virtualstock [IRDX VVRT], said: “We are delighted to welcome John Lewis, one of the most prestigious brands in retail, as a client. We look forward to delivering digital transformation, improving the customer experience and helping John Lewis to remain at the forefront of the market.”

Virtualstock has previously worked with retailers including Tesco, Maplin, Sainsbury’s Argos, Dixons Carphone and Office Depot.

Today’s update came from Legendary, an investor in Virtualstock. Its executive chairman, Zafar Karim, said: “We are pleased at Virtualstock’s continued progress. Early last year, Virtualstock had three household retailers, Tesco, Sainsbury’s Argos and MapIin as clients. It now has more than double that number, including the John Lewis Partnership. Virtualstock is now established as a leading supply chain solution in retail, and it is in discussion with several additional retail clients.

“Also, early last year, Virtualstock had one NHS trust, Guy’s and St Thomas’, as a client. In February 2015, Virtualstock procurement solution was described as exemplary of best practice in employing digital technology to deliver significant cost reductions in Lord Carter’s productivity review of the NHS.”

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