IREU Top500 Merchandising Performance Dimension Report now available online

The latest in the series of IREU Top500 Performance Dimension Reports is now available to read online. This latest issue focuses on merchandising which, online, is all about selling products at a distance.

In it the InternetRetailing team examines the way that retailers from across the European Economic Area, plus Switzerland, approach a task that relies on communicating the product. Underlying its findings is hard data on how leading retailers from across Europe communicate their products. That’s measured through the use of imagery, information and customer feedback via ratings and reviews, and through social media sharing. Also assessed is how easy traders made it to find products, through search, navigation and fast checkout. Finally, researchers considered how far retailers localised content to different markets.

InternetRetailing editor-in-chief Ian Jindal said: “I believe this Dimension Report offers detailed insights into how leading retailers set out their online stalls – and what it takes to succeed in this key area of retail best practice. This in turn means retailers can use the report’s insights to benchmark company performance within the wider European ecommerce and multichannel retail industry, while also using its insights to reveal areas where there’s room to take action to boost competitiveness.”

The research team explains its approach in two features. Analysing the Numbers offers insights into the metrics used to assess performance, metrics that underpin our analysis of the results. The New Research feature considers the link between merchandising and revenue over mobile.

Then editorial team then draws on those findings to take an in-depth look at the performance of leading retailers Zalando [IRDX RZAL],, Amazon [IRDX RAMZ] and Baby-Markt through a series of case studies. Richard Surridge’s Sally Beauty is interviewed on merchandising strategy at the beauty products retailer, whose performance stood out in this area of retail craft.

The tools successful retailers use in presenting wares to European audiences are presented in a round-up of 12 approaches to merchandising. The Strategic Overview feature offers background and context, while the Emerging Practicefeature looks in detail at Fujitsu’s efforts to link the online world and the store via personalisation initiatives.

Click here to explore the IREU Top500 Merchandising Performance Dimension Report in more detail and to download the report.

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