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ITV’s Love Island app pioneers new ‘reactive mobile shopping’ experience

ITV2’s Love Island is back on TV – as if you didn’t know! –  but its all-new companion app is innovatively linking TV and m-commerce, triggering t-shirt auctions on screen for app users.

Created by Monterosa, the app features a world first real-time, in-app retail experience. Dubbed “Watch & Wear”, the pioneering Shop enables viewers to buy fashionable T-shirts and vests featuring slogans from the Islanders. Each ‘fast fashion’ slogan T-shirt will be sold in a ‘flash sale’ for a period of time starting from the moment the contestant says the words that appear on the T-shirt.

Both women’s and men’s T-shirts and vests, in a variety of sizes will be available for £15 plus postage within the UK. The shop also stocks the iconic Love Island water bottles, which can be personalised with up to 11 characters for £15. Purchases will be made safely and securely and include frictionless payments with Apple Pay.

Will Van Rest, Director of Commerce & Ventures, ITV Online explains: “This is an exciting and bold step for ITV; harnessing the buzz that is created around a show like Love Island by using cutting-edge technology to create a shop that means fans can be “wearing” that the Islanders have said within hours of them saying it. Not only that but you’ll be able to keep your fluids up this summer with exclusive, personalised water-bottles – now there’s something to celebrate.”

Tom McDonnell, CEO, Monterosa, adds: “The Love Island audience is young, committed and the companion app’s success proves how digitally engaged they are. This is an audience that buy their fashion online, and on mobile. ITV’s ambition and faith in Monterosa has made this agile, reactive retailing experience possible.”

The Love Island app is available to download now from the App Store and Google Play.

6 comments on “ITV’s Love Island app pioneers new ‘reactive mobile shopping’ experience

  1. hannah lindsay said:

    never ever will buy with these again – 3 weeks and still no water bottle and no answer to emails or facebook messages ! will be getting my money back as they state 5 days and then 1st class delivery… absolotely disgusting

  2. Kev said:

    Ordered a water bottle over 2 weeks ago and still not received any notification that is has been dispatched yet. Shame, as was a birthday present for the missus who loves the show. Disappointingly the company haven’t responded to any of my emails either.

  3. Cathy Scott said:

    I have ordered a water bottle through the App but am unable to chase delivery as the part where it says ‘I have placed an order but not received a confirmation email’ – the ‘tap here’ part of this doesn’t work!
    I would like to know where the bottle is as the money has come out of my account but not heard anything since! There is also no way of contacting anyone – this is the only place i have found!

    I appreciate you may be very busy but to have some contact would instill some faith in customers that at least their order has been received and dealt with and they can chase if they so wish.

  4. karrie said:

    can not purchase love island water bottles . ate they out if stock at the moment.

  5. Olivia Hicks said:

    Would be fab if the shop actually worked 🙄

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