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Dune London sees investment in message personalisation pay off

Dune London [IRDX RDNE] says personalising its media to the behaviour of real people has helped to boost conversions by a third, while also driving a strong return on investment.

The luxury fashion brand, a Top100 retailer in IRUK Top500 research, was looking for a media solution that upheld its brand values while driving new and repeat business.

“For us, just because somebody’s looked on our website, it doesn’t mean you should annoy them by only showing ads with that same product – it is not good business practice,” explains Mark Blenkinsop, Dune London’s digital marketing manager. “We’re interested in making sure there’s no danger of somebody looking at a product and then getting followed around the internet by that same product for three or four days – it’s something that annoys me and we don’t want to damage our brand.”

Instead, it wanted to increase return on advertising spend while targeting customers exactly, and recognising potential and existing customers across sales channels – and it opted to work with Conversant in order to achieve that. Conversant’s solution is designed to target real people, not segments or cookies, so each individual sees a message that is tailored to their specific needs and interests.

“Conversant’s personalised media solution made perfect sense,” said Blenkinsop. “People’s attention spans are now so short, you need to be in front of your customer at the right time and in the right place. It gives us an opportunity to tailor the consumer experience and make it personal and more relevant.”

The solution led to a 64% increase in return on investment per customer. At the same time, its messaged conversion rate has risen by 33%, year-on-year.

He added: “Post purchase, we can show them a complementary product like a bag – or build the relationship through brand messaging. If, after a period of time, we find out that this person only ever buys shoes we can use this information to tailor the ads to them. We know what to do because we have the historical data, and all of this is decided automatically, on the fly.”

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The Dune Group is a fashion footwear and accessories retailer. Based in London, the Dune Group has over 20 years of experience in the footwear industry.
The company was founded in 1992, in Oxford Street, London.
You will be able to find killer heels, chic everyday ballerina flats, statement boots and court shoes. (more…)

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