After the return – a commercial introduction to secondary markets

Questions: 13
Time: 3-5 minutes
Prize: iPad Pro

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Secondary markets are post-retail channels that provide outlets for unwanted goods so that they can be bought and sold. There have always been brand concerns when selling into secondary markets – how will customers perceive the sale; transparency about pricing; consistency of service and brand, as well as warranties and end-of-life disposal obligations. In this survey we look at the commercial responsibility, opportunity and KPIs in this growing area of margin and reputation management and we’d like to hear your thoughts.

We appreciate you providing your feedback on the matter in this short survey: there are only 9 questions which should only take a few minutes to complete in all. Upon completion, as a thank you for your participation, you’ll be entered into the draw to win  (Only valid entrants who complete all fields and questions will be entered into a draw.).

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