50% of iPhone users and 14% of Samsung users want new iPhone X says poll

Retailers beware, the new iPhones are coming your way. Half of existing UK iPhone users say they want the new Apple iPhone X, according to a consumer surveyconducted immediately after news of the product was released last night. A further 39% want “to find out more first”.  “This represents a resoundingly successful launch”, says Guy Potter, Head (more…)

… while LovetheSales.com develops AI to categorise and promote 1 million products – 10,000 times faster than a human

Retail sales aggregator Lovethesales.com has launched a new Machine Learning (ML) platform to classify and categorise over one million products on its website, at a speed that could change the face of traditional merchandising. It completes a task that would take a team of 10 four years to complete, in (more…)