GUEST COMMENT EU-US Privacy Shield: Why some EU ecommerce retailers may find data privacy protection lacking

Lars Schickner Intershop

Last October the European Court of Justice (ECJ) declared the Safe Harbour data transfer agreement invalid, ending the 15 year pact that had governed data flows, especially flows of personal data across the Atlantic. The landmark decision came in the wake of revelations by Edward Snowdon about the US National (more…)

GUEST COMMENT Email marketing – are retailers heroes or zeros against other sectors?

Liz Smith Adestra

Email marketing is having a resurgence. Businesses report that conversion rates and ROI are up, and email is increasingly becoming the heart of digital marketing strategies by integrating with other channels in the marketing stack. According to the DMA [Direct Marketing Association National Email Client Report 2015], email ROI has (more…)

GUEST COMMENT Embracing the shared marketplace economy: how tech vendors are changing the face of retail

Adrien Nussenbaum Mirakl

The multi-billion dollar Uber and Airbnb entities are running the always-in-the-headlines, oh-so-sexy shared economy we’re seeing today, and they have tapped into a secret, scrumptious sauce that has consumers renting out their living rooms and sharing rides around town, producing revenues worthy of the Three Comma Club. But that secret (more…)