GUEST COMMENT Gamified ecommerce – online shopping redefined through evolution and customer focus

Juha Koski

Gamified ecommerce is a relatively new concept in internet retailing, but is set to come to the fore in 2015. The use of gaming techniques and mechanics to make the online shopping experience more entertaining also adds hidden motivators to encourage customers to return. The burgeoning ‘gamification’ market owes much (more…)

GUEST COMMENT A complete omnichannel customer experience is a must for retention and loyalty

Andrew Jensen IBM

Retailers are becoming much savvier in providing many channels for their customers to engage and interact with them. This paradigm shift demands a consistent customer experience across these channels, and is redefining the call centre into the contact centre. While social media channels such as Facebook and Twitter are widely (more…)

US, China and India key markets for retailers and brands as they expand online: study


The US, China and India are among the key target markets for British ecommerce businesses looking to expand their online horizons, a new study has found. World Business Research, working on behalf of business process outsourcing provider arvato, surveyed 78 ecommerce executives in the UK’s beauty, fashion, fast-moving consumer goods (more…)