High street retailers challenge Amazon’s lead in the entertainment market – as Amazon opens its first store

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Confirmation, perhaps, that stores really are essential for the future of retailing comes as Amazon opens its first bookstore in its home town of Seattle. We’re hearing the news of Amazon’s move today into bricks and mortar even as figures in the UK suggests that multichannel retailers who sell on (more…)

GUEST COMMENT Recommendation engines are powering the next generation of ecommerce

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Retailers already know that they need to provide a positive customer experience across both online and offline channels. However, as the online marketplace becomes increasingly saturated, retailers will need to differentiate themselves by implementing more personalised and innovative technology to attract customers and retain their loyalty. The Infosys Rethinking Retail (more…)

UK and European shoppers becoming happier to buy online – and from abroad: study


European shoppers, including the British, are becoming happier to buy online, and from overseas, a new study suggests. Consumers in 12 European countries spent almost €180bn (£132.6bn) online last year, according to PostNord’s new Ecommerce in Europe report, which questioned 11,000 adult consumers in the 12 markets, including more than (more…)