GUEST COMMENT Changes to the Consumer Rights Directive have brought a welcome level playing field for retailers

Liam McElroy, managing director of Retail at Wincanton

Aimed at bringing consumer rights across Europe into line, the 2014 amends to the EU’s Consumer Rights Directive created a raft of new rules for retailers which may have, at first, created a considerable administrative and financial burden. While some retailers will have already been compliant with several aspects of (more…)

UK shoppers want better experience across channels, and will move to another retailer, at home or abroad, to get that: study

Online Shopping

UK shoppers want better customer service from online retailers, and will shop elsewhere, including with overseas retailers, in order to find that, a new study suggests. While just over a third (37%) of consumers feel they do get the best service and online experience, half of UK shoppers would move (more…)