IRUK500 Elite retailer Argos on mobile and cross-channel retailing, plus m-commerce video interview with Bronto’s Georges Bergzal

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Argos’ [iruk rarg] successes in mobile and cross-channel retailing put it at the heart of the recent IRUK500 Performance Dimension Report on the subject. For the latest IRUK 500 report, on mobile and cross-channel, we spoke to Argos group communications manager Vikki Kirby to learn more about the retailer’s strategy (more…)

GUEST COMMENT Going global: the key to ecommerce business success in the UK

Julian Wallis Ingenico Payments

Shopping habits have changed dramatically in the past decade. With the advent of new technologies, such as smartphones and social media, new payment systems are continuously joining the consumer retail experience. It’s becoming increasingly difficult to achieve profitable growth in the current retail landscape, one that is characterised by a (more…)

GUEST COMMENT The next stage of ecommerce: how big business and start-ups are partnering for sustainability

Joe Comiskey Unilever

Creating sustainable business growth, by balancing the needs of a growing consumer-base against sustainability concerns – for the environment, the economy and society – is perhaps the 21st century’s biggest business challenge. What may be underestimated, however, is the role of ecommerce to solve this challenge. Much has been said (more…)

GUEST COMMENT Selling successfully: How to encourage consumers to buy, not bounce

Elizabeth jackson, HookLogic

Ecommerce is the fastest growing area of retail across Europe. As such, brands must work harder than ever to stand out in a crowded online marketplace, so understanding the consumer path to purchase and increasing product visibility is paramount. Marketing must ultimately steer high-intent consumers towards product pages where conversions (more…)