Why personalisation, price and fulfilment are key issues for today’s shoppers: study

Retail strategies must reflect the growing importance of personalisation, price and fulfilment if they are to meet the expectations of today’s shoppers, a new study suggests. The Kibo Consumer Trends Survey finds that 85% of shoppers are influenced by personalised homepage promotions, while 76% check prices against competitors, and 68% (more…)

Shoppers still rate British high street experience – but want to see it improved through technology: study

Shoppers still value the British high street, seeing it as a vital part of multichannel shoppers. But they’re eager to see new technologies and experiences introduced to improve that experience, a study from Barclays found this week. Its New Retail Reality report has found that 63% of British shoppers say (more…)

IRC 2016 KEYNOTES How do digital retailers and service providers best serve the needs of demanding customers?

How do retailers and service providers operating in an omnichannel age best serve the needs of demanding customers? That was the question posed to keynote speakers opening InternetRetailing Conference (IRC 2016) today. “Where we sell, they want us to be as slick and capable as the Amazons, as reliable and (more…)