GUEST COMMENT Digital transformation is key to retail success: three tips to make it work for you

2017 is the year of digital transformation for the retail business. You only need to look as far as your local supermarket, which is likely to have replaced regular tills with self-service checkouts, to see the impact digitisation is having on everyday businesses. It’s no surprise that digital transformation has (more…)

GUEST COMMENT Personalising omnichannel engagement: an easy sell for retailers

Multichannel shoppers are on the rise and provide a lucrative opportunity for savvy retailers. According to recent stats from WorldPay, multichannel shoppers spend between 50% and 300% more than single-channel shoppers. Purchasing decisions are no longer exclusive to one channel, so it follows that retailers shouldn’t limit themselves to this (more…)

ANALYSIS How leading retailers handled search campaigns ahead of the back-to-school rush

Competitive intelligence platform Adthena analysed how some leading retailers for whom the back-to-school rush is relevant handled the event. Here’s what it found. Next led the field in paid desktop search, winning 25% of clicks for back to school search terms around stationery, school uniform and school accessories. Ian O’Rourke, (more…)

GUEST COMMENT A mixed bag: can the store drive more online conversions?

As the concept of omnichannel retailing has matured, it has generated a lot of discussion around how bricks-and-mortar can support and mimic the capabilities of online activity. This has, in turn, changed traditional retailers’ strategic position, and how overall success is judged. Many retailers now realise the importance of bricks-and-mortar (more…)

GUEST COMMENT Maximising ecommerce product visibility through artificial intelligence

Ecommerce has become highly sophisticated, and the most successful retailers and marketplaces use a combination of big data analytics and emerging Internet based technologies such as real-time customer service, dynamic pricing and personalised offers to help ensure the commercial success of these operations. But if there’s one thing guaranteed to (more…)

GUEST COMMENT Generation Now: How the 21st century consumer is changing retail

Rapid social and cultural shifts, from demography to technology, have changed the shopping preferences and priorities of a generation. Millennials and Post-Millennials (those born between 1992 and 1999) take a very different approach to spending decisions from previous generations, putting a greater focus on speed and convenience than ever before. (more…)