GUEST COMMENT Five reasons why there’s no better time for Nordics-based ecommerce businesses to go global

Want to get happy? Head to the Nordics whose regions, including Norway, Denmark, Iceland, Finland and Sweden, top the global charts in the World Happiness Report. Norway is at the very top, based on combined economic, health and polling data extracted from 3,000 respondents in more than 150 countries. The (more…)

GUEST COMMENT How can brands eliminate the ‘creepy factor’ in personalisation?

Brands have long been following consumers around the internet with retargeting ads for products they already have. This so-called ‘personalisation’ has been driven by marketers tracking consumer behaviour using browser cookies and mobile IDs, and while most people like having their individual interests catered to, it can often feel a (more…)

GUEST COMMENT It’s do or die: retailers must meet customer expectations through collaboration

In the age of instant gratification and personalised experiences, consumers are increasingly expecting more and more from retailers, particularly from the delivery stage in the buying cycle. This is what makes partnerships so critical in today’s competitive commercial environment. Today, delivery is a key differentiator in winning customer spend and (more…)

GUEST COMMENT Personalisation in retail: top 5 solutions your business must adopt right now

If you still consider your customers to be “tickets,” “issues,” “transactions” or “orders,” get ready to close your business by the end of 2018: personalisation in retail has already gone far beyond being just a buzzword. Today, people have got tired of transactional relationships. Commerce doesn’t exist anymore; you have (more…)