GUEST COMMENT Maximising ecommerce product visibility through artificial intelligence

Ecommerce has become highly sophisticated, and the most successful retailers and marketplaces use a combination of big data analytics and emerging Internet based technologies such as real-time customer service, dynamic pricing and personalised offers to help ensure the commercial success of these operations. But if there’s one thing guaranteed to (more…)

GUEST COMMENT Generation Now: How the 21st century consumer is changing retail

Rapid social and cultural shifts, from demography to technology, have changed the shopping preferences and priorities of a generation. Millennials and Post-Millennials (those born between 1992 and 1999) take a very different approach to spending decisions from previous generations, putting a greater focus on speed and convenience than ever before. (more…)

GUEST COMMENT How retailers can use technology to make a real difference to shoppers’ lives

Retailers are bombarded with new technology claiming to revolutionise their business, but in such a saturated environment, knowing which solutions actually provide ultimate business success can be a challenge. Many innovations fail to capture the shopper’s imagination and are perceived as nothing more than gimmicks. Technologies such as 3D printing, (more…)

GUEST COMMENT Authentication and convenience challenges of the retail industry

It’s important in all industries to have strong cyber security that is cost efficient to the organisation and provides frictionless user experience. Working with identity and authentication in retail however has some striking differences from that of other industries. In addition to being subject to compliance requirements like PCI, the (more…)