How To Achieve A Dynamic, Single View Of The Customer

Please note that this event is in the past.

Shoppers interact with brands via a number of channels — e-Commerce site, mobile app, storefront — leaving retailers with a fragmented view of their behaviours and preferences.

In order to meet and exceed customer expectations, retailers need holistic customer data, including financials, product choices, behaviours, and more.

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This session uncovered the steps to achieve a unified customer profile that retailers can act on. This webinar discussed how to :

  • Align their organisation around a digital transformation
  • Establish the golden record of customer engagement across the organisation
  • Leverage technology to reduce latency in sharing customer profiles across the organisation
  • Benefits and outcomes once the single customer view is achieved

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Brett Gascoine
Director of Enterprise Sales, UK

Brett Gascoine heads up the UK efforts of Customer Data & Engagement vendor, SessionM. With a passion for Customer Experience and what can be achieved through true one to one personalisation, Brett has focussed his time on how to enable Enterprise B2C businesses to truly understand their customers.  He recognises that this starts with data and how to create a true single customer view. Over the last 10 years, Brett has advised and provided solutions to  ASOS; Tommy Hilfiger; Deutsche Telekom; BBC and many more.

Missed this webinar? You can catch up here >>>