Webinar: It’s a cross device world, how to navigate mobile marketing’s next big opportunity

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Today, nearly 40% of all global ecommerce transactions happen cross-device. Today’s shopper are using a combination of laptops, tablets and smartphones when shopping online. As it gets more and more unusual for a shopper’s decision-making process to involve just one device and one online touch point retailers face the challenge of joining the dots.

It’s clear that retailers must adjust their marketing strategies to capitalise on the way that consumers are shopping today. To make the most of this growing opportunity, brands must engage the multiscreen user in a consistent and connected way.

This means there’s a growing need for advertisers to have an effective cross-device strategy, pinpointing the advertising mix that works best for them. This webinar will explore how brands can connect with people and will cover:

  • How are your customers shopping online today
  • Defining the cross device retail journey
  • Cross device advertising options
  • The marketing challenges associated with cross-device advertising
  • How retailers can optimise customer experience across devices
  • Measuring attribution of cross device purchases
  • The future of cross device retailing

Thomas Jeanjean, Regional Managing Director EMEA – Mid
Thomas-Jeanjean_pictureMarket, Criteo