E-Commerce: Strategies To Expand Your International Presence

Please note that this event is in the past.


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Update on the latest global trends to help grow your online business and learn best practices for navigating complex international regulations.

This webinar is particularly relevant and valuable to: B2B and B2C digital products companies and branded manufacturers with buyers across multiple devices and channels.

With over 50% of consumers in the UK, US, Germany, Brazil and Nigeria now preferring to shop online, China clearly leading the field with 84%, and Russia, Japan and South Africa catching up fast, the ecommerce market is booming.

As apps and other online channels become second nature to consumers across all ages and demographic profiles, new opportunities to cater for groups previously considered out of reach are there for the taking, for all forward-thinking businesses.

But, how do you plan the optimal business strategy to take full advantage of these opportunities?

In this InternetRetailing webinar presented by Digital River, we will address just that.

You will hear from Digital River’s Head of Global Strategy – Howard West, who will share with youecommerce practitioners and strategists – invaluable insight into:

  • Strategies to expand your online business globally
  • Key areas to focus attention on for success – Language, Payments, Customer Support, Fulfilment and Customer Experience
  • Critical online purchasing trends and statistics
  • Real world examples of the challenges of going Global

Howard will also talk you through how to prioritise these depending on the pace of expansion you want to set for your business following a phased “Crawl, Walk, Run” approach.

Digital River is recognised as a leading global provider of Commerce-as-a-Service solutions. Companies of all sizes rely on Digital River’s cloud-based commerce, payments and marketing services to manage and grow their online businesses. Through these services, Digital River connects B2B and B2C digital products companies and branded manufacturers with buyers across multiple devices and channels, and nearly every country in the world.


Howard West
Head of Global Strategy

Digital River

As Head of Global Strategy at Digital River, Howard has extensive experience building, launching and growing global online channels. This includes consumer experience, operational control, channel based supply chain automation, and all aspects of B2B and B2C consumer direct e-Commerce solutions.

Based in Orange County, California, he has insight into market trends and global expansion of online channels for some of the worlds most recognised direct to consumer brands.