How to enter new global markets and rank from day one

When expanding internationally, online visibility and content localisation are prerequisites for maximising revenues. Structuring your translated website correctly for organic search is key to long term success and being market ready from day one.

In this webinar, Translation Laboratory’s Managing Director, Nicola Carmyllie, will discuss how combining website translation with SEO from the start is key to increasing global brand awareness and maximising ROI.

Sebastian Dziubek is Head of Technical SEO for Search Laboratory, sister company of Translation Laboratory. He will share some actionable insights for international technical SEO. He will then explain how to structure your site for international expansion, including how to use hreflang tags, and additional geo-targeting options.

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You will learn:
• How to maximise ROI by weaving SEO into the localisation process at the start
• The best way to structure your site for international expansion
• How to ensure the right language is displayed through
implementing the hreflang tag
• How to use additional geo-targeting options within Google
Search Console

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Nicola Carmyllie
Managing Director
Translation Laboratory

Nicola holds an MA in Interpreting and Translation, speaks various languages, and has been working in the localisation industry for 17 years. Nicola has worked with some of the world’s biggest brands, including Honda, Hitachi, Huawei, GE, Electrolux, IBM and Lenovo. In addition to setting up offices in China for two years, she has also worked in New York and brings a wealth of international business experience.

Sebastian Dziubek
Head of Technical SEO
Search Laboratory

Sebastian leads the Technical SEO team for Translation Laboratory’s sister company, Search Laboratory. Sebastian provides strategic direction for the team and works with clients to drive value from their Technical SEO efforts. He has 6 years digital experience and works on a variety of national and international clients across many diverse sectors.

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