The future of marketing in a post GDPR world

Please note that this event is in the past.

In this new era of digital communications, companies hold an abundance of consumer data at their fingertips so it’s no surprise that we are having to look to comply with new legislation that protects the rights consumers have over their personal data.

With the date of May 25th 2018 fast approaching,  many companies are rushing to ensure the running of their businesses meet a GDPR compliant standard. But what will happen from May 26th 2018 onwards? How will strategies shift and how will marketers execute campaigns in the new post-GDPR world? What are the key things to consider?

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This session explored some of the key things to think about:

  • The new GDPR regulation will cause a huge shift in the way marketers collect, process and secure the personal data of their clients/customers
  • Start to think about GDPR through the consumer’s eyes
  • Marketers need to have the right digital marketing tools at their disposal:
    • To instantly respond to customer data
    • Become more responsive to their customers needs
    • Ultimately better connect to customers through personalised and relevant communications

SmartFocus helps business maximise their digital marketing communications and this webinar will deliver ideas on how to work within GDPR and shape new digital marketing.

Missed this webinar? You can catch up here >>>

Sarah Taylor
Chief Marketing Officer

Sarah has spent her entire career in service to retail and the consumer. Prior to joining SmartFocus, Sarah lead the marketing and communications strategy at Oracle retail – specializing in International markets.

Held leadership roles at Lawson Software, JDA and within various trading roles at TK Maxx, BHS and Sainsbury’s.

Missed this webinar? You can catch up here >>>