An insider’s guide to the frictionless customer journey

Please note that this event is in the past.

Commerce is no longer about transactions, it’s about experiences – the next wave for companies and brands. In an increasingly broad and competitive market, brands need to remove friction to create an engaging shopping experiences leading to lifelong customer.

On Monday 11th September at 2pm BST, we hosted a webinar to show you how the online shopping journey can be improved, and to discuss the extent to which retailers are creating a seamless shopping experience to obtain customer loyalty.

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We discussed:

  • How to build effective, meaningful relationships that gain customer loyalty
  • How brand experiences that engage customers increase overall sales
  • How to connect with the customer through every stage of the shopping experience

Missed this webinar? You can catch up here >>>

Nate Barad
Director of Product Strategy

Nate is director of product strategy at Sitecore. During his 15 years in marketing technology he has worked closely with leading global companies to build online brands including MLB, Hotwire, Autotrader, Bank of England and ING Direct-France. He is passionate about addressing the needs of digital marketers with experience management, online commerce, behavioural marketing and analytic intelligence solutions.

Missed this webinar? You can catch up here >>>