Learn how AO.com increased conversion rates on mobile devices

Please note that this event is in the past.

Online shoppers are browsing and buying more frequently than ever before, and they are doing so from multiple networks, locations and mobile devices across the globe. This shift presents a massive opportunity to retailers but with it also comes the challenge of ensuring optimal mobile performance for mobile commerce experiences.

In this webinar, we examined the best ways for retailers to optimise and monitor their websites customer experience. Through this analysis retailers can learn how to identify the most valuable pages to optimise to increase customer satisfaction and sales. This webinar covered common challenges that retailers face when optimising their websites. 

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Covering not just theory, but also best practice, Akamai’s Chief Strategist of Commerce, Jason Miller was joined by Adam Warne, Global IT Director at AO.com – a leading European online retailer – who provided valuable real-life context to this approach.

In this webinar you’ll learn:

  • How AO.com optimise for mobile devices 
  • How AO.com managed to scale their e-commerce platform during periods of peak including when they became the main sponsor for TV show Britain’s got Talent 
  • How to properly deliver the correct size of images to various device types 
  • How to prepare for peak traffic and scalability 
  • How to manage non-human traffic in a way that optimises performance for real customers

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Adam Warne
Global IT Director

Adam Warne has devoted the last 9 years into developing new
digital leaders within AO.com to achieve the objective of  becoming the best European electrical retailer. He is passionate about leveraging technology in innovative ways to educate, inspire and create value for people.

Jason Miller
Chief Strategist of Commerce
Akamai Technologies

Jason Miller is the Chief Strategist of Commerce at Akamai
Technologies. Jason utilises his over 19 years of experience in
technology and eCommerce to lead Akamai’s eCommerce strategy, including developing thought leadership in the industry, driving decisions on Akamai’s future technologies, and interfacing with the retail community and analysts to provide insight into trends and drive innovation. Currently, Jason is focused on customer experience, the impact of the explosive mobile growth, and how retailers can utilise technology to increase sales.

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