The Need for CX Simplicity in a Time of Shopper Discontent

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Shopper wants and needs are changing more frequently than ever before. Fickle, sophisticated, demanding: retailers need to innovate at the speed of the customer. Furthermore the customer requires simplicity and elegance in their interactions across all channels. Finally, the retail elite demand speed, responsiveness and operational simplicity.

There has been a change in the language and behaviour within retailers too: data is shared, processes cross teams and silos, channels are melting… the focus is the customer and ‘bending’ the organisation around her.

In this webinar Christine Bardwell from Oracle Product Strategy will show how the Oracle Commerce Cloud combined with the broader Oracle CX suite empowers retailers to react quickly to market trends and creating seamless experiences – all while leveraging the efficiencies and cost-savings.

Too good to be true? Join us to hear from Christine and then pose your own questions.

Missed this webinar? You can catch up here.

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Christine Bardwell
CX Strategy

Christine Bardwell is responsible for strategy for Oracle CX solutions including Commerce Cloud and Loyalty Cloud. Prior to joining Oracle in 2015, she accumulated more than a decade of industry experience as a researcher, analyst and consultant to leading retail brands and technology companies focused on the pursuit of the ultimate customer experience.

Missed this webinar? You can catch up here.