What Does it Really Take to Reach Global Customers to Convert Sales?

Please note that this event is in the past.

In the age of the customer and digital commerce, global consumers demand product information that is available, consistent, accurate and in their own language. Product content must be delivered at the right time, in the right language and accessible from any device.

“Can’t Read, Won’t Buy” Common Sense Advisory Report:

  • 55% of 3,000 global consumers (B2C) surveyed stated that they ONLY make online purchases from websites offering content in their native language.
  • 84% said they were more inclined to purchase products online when related information was presented in their own language.

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PIM backed by translation and localisation services are crucial in meeting the demands of the multilingual consumers with critical reduced time-to-market. Retailers need to avoid any risk of presenting disparate, confusing or even incorrect product information to customers across sales channels. Not getting it right can lead to not just low sales but can damage your brand.

In this webinar, inRiver and partner Lionbridge, you will learn:

  • The challenges leading brand face in managing their global product information and how these brands have solved this complex challenge.
  • How to drive a global omni-channel sales product strategy, reduce your time to market and increase sales leveraging world class PIM and translation technologies and services.
  • What technology requirements you need to consider when adapting a PIM and localisation strategy.
  • Global Best Practices for localising product content to ensure you reach your target audience.
  • How to guarantee that your channels and customers get the localised accurate reliable product information with a central repository.
  • Case Studies of how strong, well-known brands use the InRiver Product Marketing Cloud and Lionbridge to provide engaging, consistent, and localised product stories than improve conversion.

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Aoife McIlraith
Senior Director Global Search and Marketing Services Lionbridge

Aoife is the Senior Director of Global Search & Marketing Services at Lionbridge and brings over 16 years of experience in helping brands optimise their global footprint. She is a global subject matter expert on search, international SEO and multilingual global digital content strategies.

Aoife is also a qualified programmer and her expertise comes from a deep understanding of global digital channels, in-market user engagement aligned to global technical requirements resulting in her 360 degree view of the global digital landscape.

Henrik Béen
Vice President Product Marketing

Henrik is a business software product specialist, bringing nearly two decades of experience from the industry to his role as VP, Product Marketing at inRiver. At inRiver he runs product marketing and analyst relations. Prior to joining inRiver, he spent several years with QlikTech (Qlik), where he contributed to the phenomenal growth that took the company from a local, Sweden-based start up to the internationally acknowledged software company it is today. Henrik holds a master’s degree from Lund University.

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