Reinventing your marketing strategy by creating relevant micro-influencer panels

Understanding audiences before putting together marketing and advertising campaigns is becoming more and more important everyday, due to the change in how we all consume information.

By harnessing public social data and looking at your audiences’ affinities, associated phrasing within conversations and social connections of key segments we now should look to create micro-influencer panels. These panels will be the key to understanding sub-communities, who we can learn from and use key insights to put together bullet-proof marketing and creative campaigns.

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In this session we’ll cover:

  • Why looking at panels of micro-influencers can lead to better results when putting marketing campaigns together
  • How to segment audiences to uncover micro-influencers
  • What insights we can learn from these panels to help us with our campaigns and creative strategies

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Rob Hill

Global Enterprise Manager

Rob has worked within the social research and insights industry for the past 3 years. He leads Pulsar’s brand acquisition team globally, working with multinational brands such as Spotify, BBC, Viacom and ITV. He has a keen focus in emerging technologies and research methodologies, helping to explain to brands globally how new ideas such as chat-bot surveys, vertical AI and integrating search data alongside social data can help clients understand audiences.

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