Silicon Valley – Retail VIP – Tech Trip

After having visited Seattle, China and New York, the Retail VIP Tech Trip will be returning to San Francisco (for the third time), this time to Silicon Valley.

The event will visit leading Tech, Digital and Retail Enterprises to learn about the latest trends and groundbreaking future innovations in the field of commerce. Also dive into different retail shops, discovering the world of futuristic omni-shopping experiences with: mobile check-in points, interactive dressing rooms, and smart-shopping-walls. The program will also consist of discovering special restaurants and venues in and around San Francisco in spectacular ways.

Week’s agenda:

Jun 3: Check-in at The Grand Hyatt Hotel, San Francisco
Jun 4: Visit Google, Thumbtrack and Uber
Jun 5: Visit Paypal, Compass and Spotify
Jun 6: Visit Apple, Dropbox and Pivotal
Jun 7: Visit Segment, Tesla and Facebook Campus
Jun 8: Visit Oracle, Airbnb and Ebay

*Plus other companies to be announced.

The Study Trip is intended for European C-level and higher management executives in the retail space.

Cost for participation are estimated between € 7500, and € 9000, (excluding taxes). The price covers all costs, including: a round-trip flight (comfort class if available) 4 star hotels, transportation, breakfast, lunch, dinner, events and more.

Please contact for a tailored trip schedule or more information.