The three biggest challenges facing retailers in 2018 – and how to fix them with experimentation

Please note that this event is in the past.

In 2018, retailers face three key challenges: how to deliver the personalised experience their customers demand; how to excel in a mobile-first world; and how to make critical business decisions on pricing, product and service.

Overcoming these challenges will allow any retailer to compete with the likes of Amazon – and experimentation holds the answer.

Evolving from origins in conversion rate optimisation and AB testing, experimentation has matured into a practice that is transforming how smart ecommerce organisations do business today. Netflix,, AirBnb – and Amazon – are united by an obsessive dedication to experimentation across the business.

This webinar was hosted on this topic to find out how retailers are getting a competitive advantage with experimentation and AB testing.

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Join Stephen Pavlovich and Kyle Hearnshaw from to gain valuable and actionable insights including:

  • An experimentation framework that you can apply to any problem in your business
  • How other ecommerce companies are using the “minimum viable experiment” to test new product and marketing ideas
  • A free copy of’s Ecommerce Performance report in association with Econsultancy, so you can benchmark your own performance

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Stephen Pavlovich
Founder & CEO

Stephen Pavlovich has worked with clients including Just Eat, Canon and the Guardian, they’ve optimised websites and apps, and tested pricing, functionality and new products.

Their clients range from SMEs to Fortune 500 corporations. Across the US, UK and Europe, and have worked in diverse B2B and B2C industries, including SaaS, finance, travel, ecommerce, media, health, and gaming.

Kyle Hearnshaw
Head of Conversion Strategy

Kyle Hearnshaw is the Head of Conversion Strategy at, the UK’s largest conversion optimisation agency. He is responsible for the development and evolution of’s methodology and approach to conversion optimisation and experimentation. He is an extremely experienced conversion optimisation specialist, having delivered optimisation programmes for clients such as Citrix and The Guardian. Kyle is passionate about taking conversion optimisation beyond AB testing to see how experimentation can play a more driving role in business strategy.

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