How to turn disruption into economic success for your B2B eCommerce business

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The dynamics of B2B trade are changing rapidly. B2B customers now looking for the same seamless experience expected by B2C customers. At the same time, the global B2B eCommerce market is set to hit US$6.7 trillion (£4.3 trillion) in sales by 2020 worldwide. As a retailer, are you ready to take advantage of B2B eCommerce before others do?

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This free webinar on 4th September at 2pm BST tells you how to turn disruption into economic success for your ecommerce business. Deepak Anand, General Manager UK at Shopware will discuss essential key functionalities of B2B eCommerce platforms as well as best practices with a B2B Expert from Shopware Partner Inviqa.

Topics covered during this webinar:

•  Differences and expectations of B2B and B2C customers
•  Key functionalities to look for when selecting a B2B eCommerce platform
•  Best practices in the B2B trade
•  How to take advantage of the rapidly growing B2B eCommerce market

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 Deepak Anand
General Manager UK

As GM UK, Deepak Anand is responsible for strategic and executive measures in the expanding the UK market for Shopware. Deepak is a seasoned, strategic leader who’s specialised in Retail, Technology and Finance including commerce & payment technologies. He has written a number of articles around Digital Disruption. Prior to Shopware, Deepak successfully spent a number of years at Magento, PayPal, Real Time Content (Pitney Bowes) where he worked with hundreds of retailers. With a strong understanding of sales enablement, processes, & execution, Deepak focuses on achieving financial and customer satisfaction goals.

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