Procurement Guide – An easy how to

The Procurement Guide is the print and directory view of IRDX and allows you to show off your company to over 37,000 people in print and online.

1. First choose your package

Would you like:

a) Basic Listing

This costs £495 (+VAT) and includes company name, logo company profile of 150 words, web address, contact number and contact email. This is replicated in the on-line version with the additional benefit of a link to a case study or testimonials, link to a white paper and a link to a video. Your listing will appear in one section only.

b) Premium Listing

The enhanced listing costs £1,995  (+VAT) and allows your entry to appear in unlimited sections. It includes the company name, logo, physical and online address, 150 word profile to describe your company and full contact details.

This is replicated in the online version with the additional benefit of:

  • links to news stories within the Internet Retailing website
  • case studies and testimonials
  • white papers
  • video hosting
  • client lists

In addition to this Premium listings will receive:

• 45 x 90 mm classified advert in InternetRetailing magazine for one year (six editions annually)

c) Section sponsor

This special package includes all the benefits of a premium listing but also gives your company tailored attention and integration into the many Internet Retailing channels; website, magazine and social media. Contact Andy James at for more details.

2. Get ready to register

To register you will need to choose a username and password. Then input your own name, current role and the company you work for.

When you click ‘Submit’ you will be emailed your log in details and brought to the log in page.

3. Ready to purchase

Have your credit card on hand as once you log in you will be brought to a ‘Credits’ page where you can purchase your listing.

Here you can see the number of credits you already have.

Purchase a Basic Listing for £495 (+VAT).

Purchase a Premium Listing for £1,995 (+VAT).

Or upgrade from a Basic Listing to a Premium Listing with a Credit Upgrade for £1,500 (+VAT).

Choose the listings you’d like to purchase and click ‘Proceed’.

You will then have the opportunity to check your choice – if you’d like to make amendments click the ‘Back’ button and change as appropriate. Once happy with your choice, click proceed and you will be brought to a safe payment page.

Input your card details and submit and we are ready to create a listing.

4. Creating a listing

Once you have purchased a listing – standard or enhanced – you will now be invited to apply credit and create your listing.

Fill in your organisation’s information.

You now have the option to save your draft and preview it to see how it will look when published on the website.

When you are happy with how your entry looks, press the ‘Publish’ button. You can then click ‘View organisation’ to see how your final entry appears.

Note even after it is published, you are able to amend the entry as often as you like by logging in to your account and clicking ‘edit entry’.

Congratulations! You are now part of the Internet Retailing Procurement Guide 2016.

This is simply the start of your integration to the Internet Retailing network – use your listing to garner maximum exposure by maintaining it, promoting it, adding videos and white papers and ensure you enjoy the attention and spotlight of the Internet Retailing global stage.

Your starting point is here.

If you have any queries or quandaries, simply drop a line to James Pearson at