Ongoing research


OUR RESEARCH DOESN’T stop here. Instead, we see the annual publication of the IREU Top500 as an important moment in an ongoing process. Over the next year and beyond, we will continue to analyse the performance of Europe’s leading retailers. Through this process, we will continue to refine the metrics we use as we aim to provide the most comprehensive quantitative and qualitative analysis of the European retail sector to our readers.

Through the year, we will also publish a series of six Dimension Reports. Each focuses on a different aspect of retail practice – Strategy & Innovation, The Customer, Operations & Logistics, Merchandising, Brand Engagement and Mobile & Cross-channel – and assesses how leading European retailers are performing in these Dimensions. Each Dimension Report features best practice case studies, interviews with leading retailers and expert analysis of industry developments.

Looking beyond Europe, we are expanding the international scope of our research. Already, we have completed initial work on the IRAU and IR-ASEAN. These assess, respectively, retailers operating in Australia, and in territories that are members of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations. Both of these Indices will be completed for September 2017.

Late in the year, we will be updating the InternetRetailing Multichannel Brand Index (IRBX), which looks in depth at how brands work as they contest ground traditionally owned by retailers through their own direct-to-customer operations. In January 2018, we will publish the new version of the IRUK Top500, which looks in depth at UK retailers.

By then, we should be getting some fascinating data about how Brexit is impacting on British retailers. Finally, we produce separate, in-depth research into some of the Top500 in collaboration with our Knowledge Partners (see facing page) and we would like to acknowledge some specific contributions here. The Product and Merchandising Tracker, researched in partnership with Brand View, reveals the merchandising sophistication of some of the largest retailers across several verticals, including the type of information and imagery that can be found on their product display pages. Edited, the fashion strategy company, collaborates with InternetRetailing to review the pricing and sell-out figures for the largest fashion retailers operating in the UK. Follow the research blog on for updates on these and other research topics.