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WE’VE AIMED, IN this IREU Top500 Performance Dimension Report on Merchandising, to understand the ways in which pan-European retail businesses approach the task of presenting products to consumers across a large geographical area of varying languages, currencies and cultural expectations.

It’s a daunting task, but one that leading retailers are starting to tackle in earnest. Against this backdrop, we wanted to find out how Top500 retailers as a group merchandise their ranges, and we also wanted to know how what those retailers at the forefront of this group did in order to stand out.

Our researchers explain their approach in two features. Analysing the numbers offers insights into the metrics used to assess performance, metrics that underpin our analysis of the results. The new research feature considers the link between merchandising and revenue over mobile.

We take an in-depth look at the performance of leading retailers Zalando ??, Bol.com, Amazon ?? and Baby-Markt through a series of case studies. We interview Sally Beauty’s Richard Surridge for an insider’s guide to the merchandising strategy at the beauty products retailer, whose performance stands out in this area of retail craft.

We consider what tools successful retailers use in presenting wares to European audiences in our round-up of 12 approaches to merchandising. Our strategic overview feature offers background and context.

For our emerging practice feature, we look in detail at Fujitsu’s efforts to link the online world and the store via personalisation initiatives.

Taking these articles together, we think they offer a unique picture of how leading European retailers approach the task of selling and communicating products across an enormous market. We also believe our research findings shed new light on how retailers are performing, and we hope that our readers find them useful.

Jonathan Wright and Chloe Rigby, Editors

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