About Us

RetailX is born of an obsession with performance in multichannel retail and ecommerce

Our mission is to provide the data, analysis and insights to build successful and profitable businesses.

RetailX was formed in order to create the first performance-based, objective and comprehensive Top500 ranking of the highly competitive UK retail and ecommerce market. Publishing with InternetRetailing.net, the trade title for professionals in multichannel retail, IRUK launched in March 2014. From there, we added a pan-European ranking, IREU, tracking 17,000 retail fascias across 32 countries. IRBX is the ranking of brands selling direct to consumer.

The dynamic Australian market is our focus with the AU250 Footprint. Later in the year, we will turn our attention to a ranking of retailers in the ASEAN.

RetailX is the continuation of the journey set by InternetRetailing and it reflects our position at the heart of this collegiate yet highly competitive; ruthlessly optimising yet perennially in beta; commercially driven yet experimental and generous industry.

In addition to published reports we provide direct access to the data and insights needed to survive, conquer and indeed prosper. For further information please contact us at research@retailx.net – we would love to join your conversations and we hope you would like to share insights with us.