Company spotlight: Antalis Packaging

What does Antalis Packaging offer? What is your USP?

For us, it’s far more than just providing an extensive packaging product range backed by a great delivery service. It’s about providing the expertise and consultancy behind the specification to ensure that our customers get the best out of their packaging.

That’s why, this year, as part of our company-wide ‘Challenge Antalis’ initiative, we launched our free Smart Audit for all new and existing customers, whereby one of our packaging experts will visit their premises and make recommendations for improvements.

During each audit, our team will review existing operations and identify areas where new products and solutions can increase efficiencies, speed up processes and deliver significant cost savings, all while maintaining maximum product protection. This could be something as simple as switching to a self-erecting box to speed up packing times, through to the introduction of automated systems to optimise the entire process.

Smart Audit has already made a big impact on customers, with one of them reducing the cost to pack items by a massive 70% and another able to downsize their warehouse by as much as 30%. We are looking forward to completing far more audits in 2018.

Do you have specific solutions for internet retailers?

With consumer online purchases in the UK expected to grow by 70% by 2020, our goal is to help our internet retail customers with protective packaging appropriate to their products – minimise the packaging required while maximising the protection. For instance, in addition to a wide range of standard packaging products available for next day delivery, we offer many ‘in-the-box’ packaging solutions and systems to ‘right size’ each box. But it’s not just about practicality. We also offer a range of innovations designed to inject that all-important ‘wow’ factor for those looking to really stand out. This includes bespoke printed tape and personalised printed or coloured greaseproof paper, through to custom-printed sleeves.
In this way businesses can use their packaging to create a memorable brand experience at the point of customer contact.

How do you evaluate a client’s packaging operations?

Every situation and customer visit is different, so how long the process takes is very much determined by what the customer wants from us. If our client want us to review their operations, we’ll take all the time we need to understand every aspect of their packaging process, from product and order data, size of cartons and product selection, through to efficiency, environmental requirements and package integrity. We also get our packaging technologist involved to help address pain points, test new or bespoke products, identify suitable solutions and provide comprehensive feedback. If a simple, tried and tested solution is required, this can take as little as a few days. Where a complete solution is needed that requires new bespoke designs, prototypes, testing and production, this can us take up to several weeks.

How can you help customers to reduce their carbon footprint while protecting their products?

We are dedicated to finding solutions that help our customers address their environmental responsibility while at the same time maintaining maximum product protection. It may sound obvious but one of first actions when working with a customer who’s looking to reduce their carbon footprint will be to gauge whether they are using the right range of products and box sizes to prevent overuse. An automated box-sizing machine, for example, can help here by eliminating the need for void-fill all together. The solution measures the void in a box, then creases and folds the edges down to fit the contents snuggly. This means the customer no longer needs void-fill and can even choose to move to single-unit packaging.

We also recommend that customers use similar materials that can be recycled together, such as paper or corrugate, in order to make it easier to store and recycle. In addition, we’ve introduced our Green Star System to help consumers select the most environmentally friendly products from our range, which includes products that are made from recycled materials and that are themselves recyclable.

What kind of ecommerce solutions do you provide?

All of our packaging materials are available through a transactional website, where B2B customers can place orders online and review purchases. We have also implemented an integrated solution for some of our customers that connects their back-office system to our system.

For more information on the free Smart Audit service, please visit

CUSTOMER CASE STUDY: Major supermarket tunes into serious savings thanks to Antalis Packaging

Antalis Packaging recently worked with a leading British supermarket chain to develop an innovative packaging solution for TV returns, saving the retailer hundreds of thousands of pounds each year.

With a number of customers returning TVs to store with minor product issues within the warranty period, the retailer was faced with the challenge of managing an incredibly costly returns process. The onward process of sending faulty or damaged TVs to the returns centre, often without the televisions’ original packaging, meant that while some TVs left the supermarket for the returns centre as a high value re-saleable item, they would arrive as completely non-sellable due to further damage incurred in transit.

Cue the arrival of Antalis Packaging and its expert team, who partnered with the supermarket to create a bespoke solution to protect each product in transit back to the returns centre.

In investigating the issue, the team quickly identified that the boxes being supplied for television returns had been the same for a number of years and were not up to date with today’s big-screen requirements. This often resulted in four or five TVs being placed in one box, which frequently smashed or damaged one or all of the screens.

In response to this, the team selected four box sizes to fit the supermarket’s range of TVs, within which the internal protection solution was a dense polyethylene foam product which can be used to make bespoke shapes to create end caps, protecting the product from any drops or other impact. As well as being able to cushion each TV, a removable foam piece was designed to fit the plug as, all too often, a loose, exposed plug in the box had resulted in a smashed screen. Once outer box sizes were correct and foam inner fittings deemed suitable, a trial was launched in one of the store’s branches to great success.

The packaging solution was then rolled out nationally and has resulted in the business saving hundreds of thousands of pounds in damage limitation. Unsurprisingly, the project has led to other areas of opportunity within electronics, with the Antalis team now looking at microwaves.


Company name: Antalis
Global reach: serving almost 130,000 customers in 43 countries
UK Launch date: Antalis has been selling protective packaging since the mid-1980s
Turnover: in 2016, the Antalis Group reported sales of €2.5bn
Customers: approaching 130,000
Number of employees: 5,600
Partners: Sealed Air, FP International, Ranpak, Lantech, Brother, 3M, Emba Protec – and more
Contact details: or call one of Antalis Packaging’s experts
on 0370 241 1466

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