The direct-to-consumer challenge

Brands are increasingly looking to develop direct-to-consumer relationships with consumers. Retailers need to be considering how such a scenario, in which brands can collect data direct from consumers and even take orders from them automatically, will change the overall retail landscape.

In this whitepaper, compiled by InternetRetailing in partnership with PA Consulting Group, we explore how retailers might go about this in a way that puts customers at the centre of all they do. In doing so, we consider issues around data, company culture and technology. (more…)

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The 5 retail KPIs which will allow you to grow

As a smaller or high growth retailer, understanding and managing your performance is key but is no easy task. These types of business see constant change especially when on a fast growth journey. But true success ion retail relies on more than just passion and gut, monitoring performance through the analysis of KPIs is vital.

But what are the main KPIs you should be measuring? And how do they show you profitability, or let you know when you’re in danger? This whitepaper – produced in association with Brightpearl and our two sister brands, eDelivery and Tamebay – aims to identify the main KPIs to keep an eye on and explores the ways in which retailers are currently keeping an eye on them. (more…)

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Shaping your business to take advantage of fit

In an age where retailers want to know everything about their customers – from what they do and what they like to how they shop – it seems ludicrous that they sometimes still don’t know the very basics of what their customer actually looks like, both in terms of their size and shape.

Featuring case studies on the strategies of Henri Lloyd, House of Fraser, Alexandra, Celtic & Co and Plus Size. (more…)

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InternetRetailing Magazine – July 2017

In this issue, we look at House of Fraser and hear from Chief Customer Officer, David Walmsley. Reviewing how the business is undergoing a major transformation to redefine their customer and create a new company vision. Our mobile editor Paul Skeldon and retail editor Emma Herrod investigate the mobile Christmas shopping experience examining how personalisation can help during the busy peak trading period. Working with our sister publication eDelivery we review how ecommerce and omnichannel retailing are altering the supply chain. Featuring an interview with Paul Dunne Supply Chain Director at Boots. (more…)

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IRUK Top500 Merchandising Report: 2017

Merchandising is an area of retail practice that has evolved rapidly since the advent of the digital age, and which continues to evolve as we move towards a mobile-first era. In the IRUK Merchandising 2017 report, we analyse the work of retailers who are at the top of their game; we critique the context in which they are operating and we share their best practices. Included are case studies, a review of the figures, a ranking of the best when it comes to merchandising, approaches to employ and more. (more…)

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InternetRetailing Europe Top500 2017

The leading ecommerce and multichannel retailers operating in Europe in 2017 ranked and analysed on their performance. In this year’s IREU Top500 report, find out who’s ranked “Elite,” which countries are most important to European retailers and the strategies of the best retailers in the areas of Strategy and Innovation, The Customer, Operations and Logistics, Merchandising, Brand Engagement and Mobile and Cross-channel. (more…)

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IRUK Top500 Mobile and Cross-channel Report: 2017

In our latest version of IRUK Top500 Dimension Reports, we offer an overview of our most recent research in this Mobile and Cross-Channel Dimension. In our lead interview, we look at Screwfix and hear from Sue Harries the Director of ecommerce, who explains that optimising the user experience on smartphones is essential to their companies digital growth. We investigate integrating mobiles into multichannel strategies to improve companies all round offerings. (more…)

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InternetRetailing Magazine May 2017 – Issue 64 (IRM64)

In this issue, we look into revelations by global retail CEOs that most retailers are continuing to struggle with omnichannel profitability, into Maplin’s new store concept and why it’s developing the digital business from the store out, and into whether Brexit can be planned for: what will the triggering of Article 50 mean for retailers, and are they ready for the tumult to come? (more…)

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IREU Top500 Operations & Logistics 2017

The next in our series of IREU Top500 Dimension Reports looks in depth at Operations and Logistics. An area that in recent years has moved firmly to the forefront of customers consciousness. In this report, we’ve looked at how traders are setting out strategies for delivery, returns and multichannel services as they sell across borders with the European Economic Area, plus Switerzland. We have identified practical examples and approaches that other retailers may want to emulate in their own strategies. (more…)

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Expanding via Marketplaces: Options for growth in Europe’s alternative marketplaces

Marketplaces have come to play a central role in e-commerce, for many smaller retailers being their main access to the market. Even for larger retailers, marketplaces are starting to be seen as a vital channel to run alongside their own websites and other sales channels.

This whitepaper looks at what more than 100 etail businesses are doing with alternative marketplaces, what the main challenges are and how to overcome them. (more…)

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Customer-centred commerce in the cloud: orienting your business around the customer

Customer-centricity: an organising principle within the business that puts the customer’s experience and satisfaction before organisational structures, convenience or legacy, a flexible approach that changes both with the identified needs of consumers, as well as tests and initiatives to seek a more effective connection.

This whitepaper comprehensively delves into the issue and provides practical examples of how best to deal with the pressures it creates. (more…)

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Are you delivering what your customers want?

With consumer expectations at an all-time high when it comes to ecommerce, and with rival retailers waiting just one click away, it is increasingly vital that retailers get delivery right.

This whitepaper illuminates the issue. By surveying retailers to find out how they believe they are faring and what they’re aspiring to do, and combining it with comprehensive case studies from leading retailers and a clear plan of 10 key actions for the coming year, we provide key insight into how to benchmark and improve your own delivery strategy (more…)

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IREU Top500 Merchandising Report: 2017

We’re delighted to bring you the EU Merchandising Dimension Report 2017. Compiling this report, InternetRetailing researchers have measured traders’ ability to communicate their products through the use of imagery, information, customer feedback and social media sharing. They’ve accessed how easy traders made it to find products through search, navigation, and fast checkout, offering detailed insights into how leading retailers set out their online store. (more…)

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IRUK Top500 Brand Engagement Report: 2017

At a time when customers are taking the lead in the way they communicate and interact with retail brands, it makes sense that the way retailers respond is changing. In this Dimension Report, we analyse the hard data produced by the InternetRetailing research team and combine this with the work from our Knowledge Partners to accurately show where brand engagement is now.


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InternetRetailing Magazine March 2017 – Issue 63 (IRM63)

In our March issue, we focus on the customer and the importance of delivering exceptional service. We take a look at the latest key announcements affecting internet retailing. Hear from Ocado’s general managers Matt Soane and James Donkin who share insight into how Ocado has developed as a grocery retailer of two halves. Looking at m-commerce, Zalando’s VP Customer Experience Nuzhat Naweed, examines where mobile will take the fashion industry. (more…)

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