How to act on data (rather than drown in it)

The idea of handling and using data can be daunting for any retailer. Data offers huge opportunity but it requires investment, focus and a clear understanding of what is to be gained to turn it into insight, and once it is turned into actionable insight, it can be used to increase efficiency, predict behaviours and improve bottom lines as a result.

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Understanding the commercial role of data and insight in your business

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In this whitepaper, produced in partnership with K3 retail, we look at how to act on data and turn it into insight that you can do something with – creating value for your business as a result.

Key survey results:

  • 99% of retailers say that data and insight is very important to business growth
  • 90% of retailers have data and data management as part of their business plan
  • 70% of retailers have data and insight as a board level concern
  • Only 15% of retailers have a single view of their data
  • Only 18% of retailers have full insight teams
  • More than half believe they could learn more from their data

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