How is AI changing the role of the marketer?

Customers today demand a personal and immersive customer experience and meeting this demand is becoming an increasing challenge to retailers. This shift has been ushered in by widespread use of the smartphone and, in doing so, has presented retailers with not only more demanding customers, but also a vast array of data about them.

The vast amount of data produced by such a large number of customers can help retailers personalise their marketing efforts, however, the data is so vast that it can’t really be made sense of by any human force. This is where Artificial Intelligence comes in.

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In this whitepaper, produced in partnership with Emarsys, we explore what AI is and how specifically it can work with marketing to create the levels of personlisation and customer experience that customers now demand.

Some key findings from our research:

  • 36% of retailers say that trying to deliver personalised interactions to customers is their greatest challenge as a marketer
  • 38% of retailers believe marketers are not ready for AIM
  • The biggest perceived hurdle to AI marketing implementation is considered to be lack of understanding (34%)
  • The majority of those quizzed about AIM (56%) see the ROI on such projects as acceptable, with a third rating it ‘high’

Download the whitepaper