Brexit: An Opportunity in Disruption | Post-disruption growth opportunities in Europe’s multichannel retail and brand market

All change leads to opportunity. Disruption by its very nature will disrupt, but out of the chaos comes new ways of doing things, new opportunities and new business models. It may appear catastrophic, but businesses still need to do business, wages still need to be paid, and goods still need to be used.

Learn what brands and businesses across the UK see as the threat and opportunity in disruption in general and Brexit in particular.

Brexit is perhaps the biggest change that we will face for a generation, but it also perhaps offers the chance for a renaissance in how we do business. And while it changes the landscape, many things don’t change. Across Europe the rule of law still stands, international trade is still supported, and the currency and affluence levels all support purchasing.

In this whitepaper from Internet Retailing in partnership with Vtex – the leading cloud-based ecommerce platform, we analyse and consider:

  • Retailers’ and brands’ attitude to disruption
  • The impact expected on import/export
  • What Brexit means for Crossborder traders
  • The relative opportunities for brands versus retailers
  • Future disruption
  • What you need to know to be ready for disruption

We hope that you find this whitepaper insightful and beneficial to your business.

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