Cloud Commerce a White Paper from IBM and InternetRetailing

Migration to the cloud is a great enabler for smaller retailers to access the same technologies and capabilities of their tier one rivals. It’s a market that IBM, the sponsor of this whitepaper, thinks crucial to its future having adapted its enterprise commerce solutions for today’s cloud environment, making such functionality more accessible than ever.

Cloud Commerce a White Paper from IBM and InternetRetailing

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This whitepaper looks at:

  • How tier 2 retailers are using the cloud to catch up on their tier 1 rivals and better compete with their peers.
  • How cloud brings innovation and flexibility to commerce as well as an ability to scale that’s essential for fast growth and internationalisation with 82% of those surveyed saying it’s one of the most important attractions of cloud commerce.
  • Why the cloud is a model better suited both financially and from an IT perspective than the IT infrastructure reliances of the past.
  • How 3 in 5 retailers (59%) see cloud or service models as dramatically influencing the future development of their business in the next decade.
  • We examine how retailers can overcome their concerns about delegating technology infrastructure to a third party and what they need to consider when choosing the right partner to work with.
  • We analyse how the actions of smaller retailers are being influenced by their larger peers, with three quarters of retailers’ development agendas driven by the activities of tier one retailers such as Amazon, Argos and M&S.
  • Why cloud offers the ability to innovate in a market where customers are changing and adopting new technologies faster than companies can adapt to them, as well as allowing for better anticipation of consumer expectations.
  • We look at how speed to market is enabled through faster reactiveness by replacing a model where retailers were dependent upon vendor updates that had to then be manually installed to a situation where updates can be continuous and automatic, enabling a greater focus on business as usual.
  • Why the cloud allows retailers to be retailers – not IT specialists – and allows them to get on with their job of serving the consumer.
  • How cloud needs more of a voice in the boardroom to enable its greater adoption with directors still struggling to sometimes understand its advantages.
  • How supplier and retailer relationships are changing – from solution provider to business partner as their role becomes more integral to a retailer’s business.
  • Why you should look at the benefits of cloud and assess its fit for your business now.