Customer Data Platforms

For more than 20 years retailers have been working on perfecting personalisation using technology. Ever since the beginnings of ecommerce, there has been a drive to leverage the growing amounts of data digital interactions can generate for retailers and convert them into better ways of understanding the customer.

As a result, retail marketing departments have been collecting, cultivating and managing this customer data and creating from it the kind of ‘personalised at scale’ interactions that most consumers now expect as standard from the retailers they deal with, using customer data platforms (CDPs).

Creating and leveraging a persistent customer view

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In this whitepaper, produced in partnership with Redeye, you will learn what CDP is and the components from which it is assembled, where its business case lies, how to measure its success and scope out ROI, what it means in terms of the skills your company needs and how CDP and AI work together going forward.

Download the whitepaper

Featuring case studies on the strategies of John Greed Jewellery & Travis Perkins.