eCommerce Platforms – September 2014

In the latest special report, our focus is on ecommerce platforms. Today’s ecommerce platforms are fast becoming the hub of retail businesses, whether they’re being asked to power
the online store or extend further to connect call centres and stores, while at the same time underpinning the mobile experience. As customers shop across more channels, more is being asked of this central piece of technology. Solutions, at the same time, are becoming more sophisticated and powerful as the companies behind them acquire extra capabilities.

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There’s a growing range of platforms on offer, offering different opportunities to businesses of varied sizes and retail approaches. We’ve produced this special report for retailers planning one of the largest investments the company will make. Whether that investment is made in a complete replatforming or with a view to building on existing capabilities, we aim to provide useful advice and food for thought. We’ll be asking questions from how technology can best be at the service of retailers, to what criteria should inform the final decision.

Throughout this report we aim to take a holistic look at some of the choices that underlie the choice of ecommerce platform. As always we do that through the prism of our six features: design and interface, merchandising, in-store experience, logistics, strategy framework and customer engagement.