International & Cross-Border – July 2014


In this report, we aim to answer the big questions of international retail, the hows and the whys of moving into new markets, adapting to new customers and setting up logistics that work. We hear from retailers and share learning from a range of industry experts. As always, we do so through the prism of our six regular features, on interface & design, merchandising, cross-channel experience, logistics, strategy framework and customer engagement.

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Welcome to the latest Internet Retailing Special Report, which focuses on international retailing. Of course, many British internet retailers are already successful exporters. According to eBay, some 95 per cent of UK businesses trading through its marketplace already sell abroad, and on average to 39 countries. Research from Google and OC&C Strategy Consultants, The Global Retail Empire, published earlier this year suggests that Britain is the world’s most successful cross-border internet trader, with a trade surplus of more than $1 billion in 2013. Historically a nation of shopkeepers, this country has established a lead in international digital retail as well. But there’s still plenty to learn. We partner with Ingenico [IRDX VIPS] and wnDirect [IRDX VWDI] to answer the question of what is the next step for retailers aiming to improve their international reach?

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Ingenico Payment Services

Ingenico Payment Services


As a leading global digital payment service provider, Ingenico Payment Services provides a seamless response to the complexity of payments, whatever the channel: online, mobile and point-of-sale. Offering innovative e-commerce, multi-channel, financial, and marketing solutions, it helps merchants to manage, collect and secure their payments, prevent fraud and increase their revenues through higher conversions. (more…)




wnDirect are an international logistics company bringing to market a tailored international delivery solution developed specifically for ecommerce. (more…)