Beyond Channels. Omnichannel – July 2013

With July’s issue comes the 2013 InternetRetailing special report, giving an up to date overview on the increasing expertise and importance of omnichannel retailing in practice. Throughout this report, we’ll be exploring the emerging best practice for omnichannel retail and we’ll be asking questions about how and why omnichannel works in practice, and how retailers of all sizes can best put it into action. We’ll be doing this through the prism of seven features, starting with experts’ opinions on what actions retailers should focus upon to deliver a seamless experience for omnichannel shopping customers.

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In the interface and design feature we’ll be considering the problems inherent in designing for omnichannel at a time when many companies struggle with individual channels. The merchandising feature looks at how retailers can best harness personalisation, considering the enhanced role big data plays now. The cross-channel experience feature takes a look at approaches to making the customer experience work across channels. Our logistics feature explores the increasing variety of delivery services and how retailers can create a point of differentiation from choosing the right services. The strategy feature takes a look at the way some retailers have followed the omnichannel logic to the point of transforming their businesses. Finally, the IT and systems piece suggest that, with ecommerce sales near 20% of turnover in some businesses, the time for make-do and mend has passed for omnichannel systems and it’s time to think seriously about IT systems that provide a seamless retail.