IRUK Top500 The Operations and Logistics Report 2016

In this Dimension Report, we’ve assessed retailers by their delivery promise since this is the metric most likely to guide the shopper’s choice. We measure delivery and collection options, the ease and convenience of returns, and refunds too. Containing a selection of case studies, approaches, and brand new research, this report offers up useful insight into the delivery performance of the Top500 crosschannel retailers, and allows you to benchmark your own strategy against that of your peers and competitors.

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In this latest IRUK Top500 Performance Dimension Report, we’re looking at one of the most competitive areas of UK retail today. Driven hard by customers who want to take delivery of their online orders in the quickest or most convenient way possible, retailers that lead in this Dimension are pushing their operations to the limit as they ensure they remain competitive. Katie McQuaid, director of Fulfilment by Amazon, puts this well when she says, in our extended analysis of the retailer, that customers want a delivery experience that’s just like popping to the store next door. Even for a retailer with no stores, it’s an experience that has taken investment worth billions to achieve. Other leading retailers in this Dimension have also put resources into getting delivery, collections and returns right.

In our case studies and in our analysing the numbers research report, we take a look at what top quality delivery means in practice and how Top500 retailers, as a group, perform in this area. For all, this is an investment that is, we believe, set to pay off as shoppers prioritise convenient delivery and collections, as well as easy returns, in their shopping decisions. We expect that in the future, delivery services will get even more convenient as this proposal becomes an increasingly important point of competition.

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