Mobile and the Digital Investment Imperative | Why mobile trumps other 2017 digital investments

Ecommerce today is channel agnostic, and retailers with money to invest have a broad spectrum of digital technologies that all seem to be a priority.

So, which should be the top of that list, and why?

In this whitepaper, presented in partnership with Mobify, we make the case that an investment into mobile will give you the highest return – as this investment will filter into all other aspects of your business and generate increased revenue, retention and loyalty, as well as enable you to keep pace with your competition.

Shopping has radically changed in the past five years. Consumers will pick up a phone, go on a desktop, visit a mall, or seek out an independent shop based on word of mouth, shop offers and ideas from their social media feed and even buy things direct from the TV.

This changes how retailers should think about technology and how they select the technology that they invest in. But which technologies are going to deliver the best ROI per pound invested – and rapidly enough before the technology world moves on again?

The answer is mobile. Not only do mobile-only business cases have their own merit, but there is also a wide acceptance for using mobile as the ‘enabling glue’ between projects, strands and channels. Mobile is is also where consumers increasingly shop.

Through a combination of market insight, expert analysis, best practice advice and case studies, this whitepaper will help you take full advantage of mobile for your business, and make informed choices about your digital investment.

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