Multichannel Marketing: Problems, priorities and pain points of e-marketers

Whether it is called multi-channel, cross-channel, omni- channel – or whatever – retailing today involves multiple touchpoints and opportunities for engaging with the customer. For multi-channel marketers this represents both a challenge and an opportunity. Read this special Internet Retailing investigation to learn more.

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A challenge for many retailers because e-commerce is still, all too often, regarded as a discrete entity entirely separate from traditional store operations. For some store staff online sales, and more importantly online returns delivered to the store, are thus seen as a threat to branch profitability and commission, resulting in general antipathy towards online operations.

For marketers, the wealth of information that online interactions enable present a heaven sent opportunity to learn more about consumers, to personalise interactions, increase loyalty and sell more to these committed customers. However, as anyone who receives regular e-mail blasts from websites they have visited or bought from knows only too well, well targeted offers are the exception rather than the rule.

This report examines six key areas:

• Change
• Data
• Skills
• Cross-channel view and
• Customer relationships after the initial sale

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