InternetRetailing Europe Top500 2016

This is the inaugural ‘European Top500’ – the InternetRetailing Europe Top500 Report. The culmination of two years’ research, this detailed study builds on InternetRetailing research that was first carried out in the UK market the IRUK 2015 Top500.

Our research now covers 32 countries – the members of the European Economic Area (EEA) plus Switzerland.

We’ve examined the leading eCommerce and cross-channel retailers and how they trade, considering their performance through six ‘lenses’ – our Performance Dimensions. Through this research we have been able to move from ‘who are the biggest’ to ‘who are the best’. This report sets out the overall ranking, our methodology and summarises the six Performance Dimensions.

Throughout the year we will release in-depth information on the Performance Dimensions, and together this will create the most comprehensive and extensive assessment of European multichannel performance available. (more…)

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Passport to International Sales

There is no doubt UK retailers have looked to replicate their domestic strength and that international expansion has allowed a new path for growth. It has enabled the opening up of new markets and new opportunities when demand in domestic markets may be nearing saturation. But it takes more than simply a ‘want’ for an international product from customers. (more…)

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ICLP Whitepaper: Loyalty – A new kind of reward

How important are loyalty schemes to you? Loyalty schemes have gone through a rather strange evolution in recent years. Their initial introduction – particularly with the likes of Tesco Clubcard and Boots Advantage Card – saw huge excitement and a rush to emulate such schemes by their peers.

However, in a market where customers are chasing loyalty how do you stand out? And in a market where customers are no longer quite so driven as they were by discounts then how do you persuade a customer to be loyal to your brand? (more…)

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InternetRetailing Magazine – March 2016 – Issue 57 (IRM57)

Our March issue investigates how retailers are bending every aspect of the organisation, processes and technology to connect with the customer – not just for a transaction, but repeatedly and at scale over a ‘lifetime’. Hear from industry experts including our InternetRetailing editors, James Matthew, Ocado’s managing director and Micheal Ross, Co Founder and Chief Scientist at DynamicAction. (more…)

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InternetRetailing UK Top500 2016

The definitive Index cataloguing the triumphs, challenges and progress of the 500 most significant retailers in the UK. With a focus on “RetailCraft”, the way a retailer trades, manages, grows and connects with customers, the IRUK 500 assesses retailers across six dimensions of performance. (more…)

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IRUK 500 Merchandising Report 2015

Strong merchandising lies at the heart of great retail. For it’s by communicating the products – what they are, what they do, and what they look like – that retailers most successfully sell. That is the job of the ecommerce website, but it’s one that’s fast becoming more sophisticated as (more…)

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IRUK 500 The Customer Report 2015

When retailers build businesses around their customers’ wants and needs, traders find that new priorities begin to emerge. It becomes important to find out both what customers expect, and how customers behave when they shop. Thinking about consumers in this way means that traders start to meet expectations of speed (more…)

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Towards omnichannel maturity – A study of UK retailing in 2015

UK retailers are responding to customer demand for omnichannel services that enable them to shop wherever, whenever and however they want. But while some retailers have fully operational systems in place, and others are making good progress in their journey towards joined-up commerce, our study finds that a significant minority are yet to make a start on integrating some of systems that underpin retailing. (more…)

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Cloud Commerce a White Paper from IBM and InternetRetailing

Migration to the cloud is a great enabler for smaller retailers to access the same technologies and capabilities of their tier one rivals. It’s a market that IBM, the sponsor of this whitepaper, thinks crucial to its future having adapted its enterprise commerce solutions for today’s cloud environment, making such functionality more accessible than ever. (more…)

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Procurement Guide 2015

Welcome to Internet Retailing’s fourth annual Procurement Guide, in which we consider the challenges facing cross-channel and ecommerce retailers, and the technology and services that can help them come up with solutions. This year’s guide comes at a time of change for procurement professionals working within a fast-moving retail environment. In recent (more…)

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