InternetRetailing UK Top500 2017

We’re delighted to bring you the InternetRetailing UK Top500 report. For the third year, our research team has looked in depth at the UK’s leading e-commerce and multichannel retailers, comparing and contrasting the capabilities of these top-flight traders to see where and how the best retailers excel. (more…)

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IREU Top500 Mobile and Cross-channel Report 2016

In this second IREU Top500 Performance Dimension Report, we focus squarely on mobile and cross-channel retail. One device, in particular, has transformed this area: the smartphone. We explore how retailers are using mobile in their business models as they trade at scale in this continent, and we investigate how the use of mobile varies between markets. (more…)

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IRUK Top500 The Operations and Logistics Report 2016

In this Dimension Report, we’ve assessed retailers by their delivery promise since this is the metric most likely to guide the shopper’s choice. We measure delivery and collection options, the ease and convenience of returns, and refunds too. Containing a selection of case studies, approaches, and brand new research, this report offers up useful insight into the delivery performance of the Top500 crosschannel retailers, and allows you to benchmark your own strategy against that of your peers and competitors. (more…)

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InternetRetailing Magazine – November 2016 – Issue 61 (IRM61)

In our November issue, we’re in festive spirits as Christmas is around the corner, so what does this mean for retail? During 2016, mobile has reached a tipping point as transactions on mobile devices have passed desktop. We take a four-way look at mobile, analysing what are the new areas of mobile to consider and master. Whilst looking at key retailers, reviewing announcements, affecting internet retailing both in-store and on mobile. Hear from our IR Conference Keynote speakers including, Urban Outfitters, Halfords and Air B&B to discover how new horizons in international mobile and marketplaces are providing new opportunities for retail growth. (more…)

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Redefining Planning for Peak

A disruptive digital revolution is underway and it is changing the way we live, work, shop, and consume goods and services. To survive in today’s fiercely competitive, alwayson economy, all businesses must transform into digital businesses. For retailers that are at the forefront of this digital evolution, that transformation is not without its challenges. (more…)

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IRUK Top500 The Customer Report 2016

In this latest IRUK Top500 Performance Dimension Report, our focus is firmly on the person at the heart of the modern multichannel business – The Customer. We focus on how the top retailers are leading the way. Look into case studies and examine the traits that put retailers ahead in this Dimension, while we ask The Perfume Shop managing director Gill Smith about the retailer’s approach to customer service in our lead interview. We’ve also gathered some best practice examples, not only of customer service but also of customer-centric strategy. (more…)

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InternetRetailing Brand Index 2017

In our ‘2017 Brand Index’ we look into brands – companies used to supplying wholesale to retailers that now sell directly to customers. We’ve measured a performance of the most successful brands across six Performance Dimensions in order to establish what works in areas from Strategy & Innovation to Operations & Logistics.

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Mobile and the Digital Investment Imperative | Why mobile trumps other 2017 digital investments

Ecommerce today is channel agnostic, and retailers with money to invest have a broad spectrum of digital technologies that all seem to be a priority.

So, which should be the top of that list, and why?

In this whitepaper, presented in partnership with Mobify, we make the case that an investment into mobile will give you the highest return – as this investment will filter into all other aspects of your business and generate increased revenue, retention and loyalty, as well as enable you to keep pace with your competition. (more…)

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Brexit: An Opportunity in Disruption | Post-disruption growth opportunities in Europe’s multichannel retail and brand market

All change leads to opportunity. Disruption by its very nature will disrupt, but out of the chaos comes new ways of doing things, new opportunities and new business models. It may appear catastrophic, but businesses still need to do business, wages still need to be paid, and goods still need to be used.

Learn what brands and businesses across the UK see as the threat and opportunity in disruption in general and Brexit in particular. (more…)

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