Passport to International Sales

There is no doubt UK retailers have looked to replicate their domestic strength and that international expansion has allowed a new path for growth. It has enabled the opening up of new markets and new opportunities when demand in domestic markets may be nearing saturation. But it takes more than simply a ‘want’ for an international product from customers.

A credible, sustainable and profitable international growth requires a more active and considered engagement. In this report, supported by our partner Ingenico ePayments, we have defined that as six key steps that retailers have to focus upon if they are to monetise such growth.

In this report we examine each of these factors in detail. Supplemented by a survey of more than 150 retailers, as well as in-depth interviews with retailers of all sizes, we look at how retailers are tackling each step; the importance they place upon each; the challenges they face and their level of satisfaction with current practise.

Key Takeaways:

Step 1: Localisation – Understanding the effect of localisation on sales
Step 2: Logistics – Getting close to the customer
Step 3: Payment – Enabling the purchase
Step 4: Mobile and Multichannel – Maximising the on-the-move opportunity
Step 5: Social – Conversing with your customers
Step 6: Fraud – Knowing how to arm yourself
Conclusion – Making the most of international?

ingenico ePayments | Passport to International Sales

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